Back injuries are common car accident injuries that can worsen over time. Some accident victims might believe that their backs are fine if they do not feel any pain right away; however, the seriousness of a back injury might not become evident until weeks or even months after an accident. Judging the extent of bodily injury right after a vehicle accident can prove to be a costly mistake in the long run.

Just like head injuries, back injuries can seriously impact an individual’s daily living. The pain can cause an accident victim to have to stay home from work for weeks, and the time off work can be a major burden on the victim’s household finances. Instead of trying to handle their financial and legal issues on their own, accident victims should work with knowledgeable car accident attorneys to obtain compensation for their injuries.

The Types Of Back Injuries A Car Accident Victim Might Experience

Accident victims can experience a variety of back injuries after motor vehicle accidents. Some of those back injuries include:

  • Disk injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Compression fractures

Some individuals might suffer herniated disk injuries, which are also referred to as slipped disk or ruptured disk injuries. Contained within the spinal column, disks are little cushions that provide flexibility to the spine and protect the vertebrae. Injured disks can be very painful and can cause weakness and numbness.

Spinal cord injuries are back injuries that can occur when the impact from a vehicle accident causes a blow to the spine and injures the inner nerves. Spinal cord injuries can be quite serious and can lead to paralysis.

Some car accident victims might also experience compression fractures. Compression fractures are small cracks in the bones of the spine that can lead to collapsed or deformed vertebrae. Once the vertebrae collapse, the spine’s shape and structure can be changed permanently.

The Financial Ramifications Of Back Injuries

Some injuries to the back can be long-term, and, for this reason, the costs associated with back injuries can be quite high. If an accident victim requires hospitalization, rehab or ongoing follow-up appointments for a back injury, the medical expenses can be astronomical.

In addition, some accident victims might not be able to maintain employment or perform daily tasks like going to the grocery store or washing a load of laundry. That being the case, some victims may have to hire someone to help them with those routine tasks, leading to additional expenses.

Accident victims do not have to face their financial issues alone. If victims work with skilled accident lawyers, they may find that the legal system has provided them with a number of options that can result in their receiving financial compensation.